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Let’s talk about organic foods. When you think of eating organic, what comes to mind? For many individuals they think tasteless and/or expensive.

I personally prefer to eat organic whenever I can. I stay away from processed foods (for the most part) and I think it works wonders for my health and that of my husbands. A few weeks ago we had a couple of friends over our house for dinner. It was the day we got our crib (beyond hectic) so I didn’t have time to plan for dessert. But I thought, no worries, I have awesome organic cookies that I can offer, right? Wrong! When my girlfriend mentioned she wanted something sweet and I gave her my delicious cookies as an option her face initially lit up then turned to a look of disgust when she realized they were organic. I had two kinds. Organic Newman O’s (like oreos) and freshly baked cookies from the health food store (delish). She decided to try the Newman O’s and practically spit them out. Her reason? “I can taste the organicness!”. C'mon, really?!

So that made me think, why is there this idea that organic = tasteless? And I wonder how many people feel this way. I mean really, would you rather have a cookie sweetened with CORN SYRUP or one sweetened with good ol sugar? Would you prefer to eat something that has pesticides sprayed all over it or something pure - something that actually allows you to taste the true flavor that nature intended (not referring to cookies here)? If anything, the “organic-ness” she tasted was the lack of chemicals that we are all so sadly accustomed to. The stuff that we’ve tricked our minds into thinking is food for so long. I think that we (everyone) should rethink the way we view organic, natural or whole foods and retrain ourselves so we desire real food. Our children should learn to love the things that are good for them and that starts with us.

Think about it. Organic doesn’t have to mean tasteless because organic doesn’t mean fat free, sugar free or spice free. All it means is the absence of chemicals, pesticides, hormones etc. This makes food taste BETTER (that's my opinion atleast). So if you thought organic food just wasn’t for you, think again. We need food to survive yet sometimes, it’s food itself that’s killing us. We all need to step up to the plate and make decisions that are beneficial to our bodies and our families. Simply because, we all deserve it!

Below are some links with useful information:

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  1. LOVE THIS POST!!! I'm actually vegan, so I get bad reactions to my food,too. I don't understand it either. I will admit my views on dairy can be extreme,so I try not to just share them with anyone... but I would not/could not disrespect a person right to eat meat if they choose to. Sure, I will tell them the truth; that Americans eat approximately 200lbs of meat per person per year... and we're including vegans, vegetarians, meat reducers or women(who statistically eat less meat than men)as part of the population there. THATS the problem... not that people eat a certain way,enjoy certain foods, but that they think their way is best and don't understand that its hurting their health. Going 100% organic or veg or gluten free or soy free... these diets aren't for everyone, but for goodness sakes, WHY IS IT WRONG TO REDUCE BAD THINGS IN YOUR DIET?! People tell me that kids won't "eat vegan". Well, if you introduce it to them young, thats what they know and their taste buds will be wired to enjoy those tastes and they will be programed to make healthier choices. Like a newman-o (which I love,btw... they're totally vegan) instead of an oreo, or even peanut butter on celery instead of the cookie(if they're not allergic to nuts, obviously). Its really sad ppl feel that way and think that way.

  2. "THATS the problem... not that people eat a certain way,enjoy certain foods, but that they think their way is best and don't understand that its hurting their health". Well put. It can be hard to eat things that are good for you. Trust me, I eat my share of junk too but it's worth educating ourselves about these topics. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I've only been reading your blog for a bit, and I really enjoy your story! I wanted to say that I'm totally with you! I finally convinced my husband to try some organic foods (milk and produce to start) and we agree that they actually taste much, much better. We also stay away from processed foods in general (although I'm not ashamed to admit that an occasional package of oreos or doritos find their way into my cabinets), mostly because I think homemade or whole foods taste so much better. Who wants all those chemicals in their body?!


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