Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'M PREGNANT! part 2

The story of the day we found out I was pregnant... Part 2

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So where was I?? Ahhh yes...
He walked over to the bathroom. He must've been crawling there because it felt like an eternity. He said "what?" in a shaky - i think i know what's going on here tone. I showed him the faint line and said yet again, "get. me. the. other. test". He left and about 10 seconds later returned with the other test. One thing you should know is that our little Bolivian apartment was like a shoebox. It should have taken him no longer than ONE second to return. I think he was in a state of could this really be and didn't know how to walk for a moment there.

He walked into the bathroom and handed me the other test. My legs were shaking so much that I felt like I was going to bounce off the toilet, straight through the roof by no fault of my own. I took the second test while listening to my husband say, " don't get your hopes up. It would be clearer than that if you were pregnant...right?". Before the results from the second test were ready, the first test was "done". There they were. Two perfectly pink lines.

I glanced down and said, "I think I'm preg - NO PHILLIP. I AM 100% PREGNANT!" After a few seconds of shock wore off, we laughed and smiled and laughed some more. Joked with each other that apparently our parts did work and of course hugged. Something big was happening. I knew that was it. The moment we had dreamed of, imagined and waited for for so long. The day our world of two became a world of three. On June 30th at 7:50 in the morning, standing in the door way of our small bathroom in our tiny Bolivian apartment we shared the moment that would change our lives forever.

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We took this photo a few hours later before heading out to meet up with some friends



  1. Such a beautiful story, thanks for sharing!! I am so exited for you two!

  2. Thanks. I'm glad I finally took the time to write it out before I forget the details! ;)

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