Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our First Birthing Class

We started our birthing classes yesterday. I can't tell you how excited we were while on our way to the class. We have been looking forward to this part in our pregnancy for a while now knowing that it would mean that we are very close to holding our baby boy. It was also pretty cute watching all the other pregnant mothers waddle their way into the room. I felt like I was part of an elite club. The I'm growing an actual human being club. We learned a lot more than I expected to learn in our first class. Like the fact that blood flows through the umbilical cord at 4 mph! Crazy right?

The instructor really tried to dig into the daddies how tiring and straining it can be to carry a child. It was kind of nice actually. She was our little cheerleader. She wasn't going to stop until she got those men to show a little sympathy haha. The best part? You know those big belly things that they make for men to get a glimpse of how women feel during pregnancy? Well she asked for a volunteer and.... I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF! I pointed at Phillip, he told me "don't even think about it!" but it was too late. She told him he had no choice and with a little convincing he got up and tried the belly on.

Have I mentioned how much I adore this man?!

I know he wasn't thrilled about being the demonstration but I will never forget this day. Our first class and the way he was apart of it. It's little moments like these that become great memories. Plus, I think our son is going to get a kick out of seeing this picture when he's older. AND there's a video too! Too bad he made me promise not to post it... Boo


  1. Oh my gosh that picture is too funny! How exciting that you guys are finally taking your birthing class! I remember being really excited to take mine as well!!

  2. This is funny! What did he say about wearing the belly?

  3. Super cute! I'm sure he loved the belly! Not!

  4. Super cute! I'm sure he loved the belly! Not!

  5. Cute!!! Gotta love it, I wish there was a way for guys to experience ALL of the pregnancy symptoms... especially the first trimester. Just for a day or so. Then maybe they would get it a little more.

  6. Haha. He wasn't too happy that I volunteered him but he played along really well. When I asked how he felt wearing it he told me that he understands it's not easy. But yea I agree, there are moments I wish he could really feel what it's like. All of it. Just for a few minutes or hours (or days). Lol


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