Monday, August 20, 2012

Show and Tell Linkup with From Mrs To Mama!

Today I'm linking up with the ever so fabulous Becky of From Mrs To Mama for Show and Tell: Home Edition.

Go check her out and link up too!

If you were searching for a home now, tell me what would be on your "MUST" list

I would have to insert the words "if money wasn't an option" because we are currently searching for a home and I'm pretty sure my musts or want really bads will not be part of it. So what I would "want really bad" is a big open kitchen with quartz counters and a ginormous island with a sick that all my kids could sit at doing their homework while I bake cookies.... And maybe I took that a little too far. So to sum it up, the answer is big, nice kitchen.

Another thing I WOULD LOVE is a nursery attached to my bedroom. We will be having more children (God willing) and I learned fast that my room is the baby's REAL room. I can't imagine him being in his own room just yet but it would be nice to be able to watch TV in bed at night without worrying about waking him. An attached nursery would solve this in my opinion.

Show me your favorite room in a home {either your home, or any home, i.e. kitchen}.

Okay, I don't know if I can say this is my FAVORITE room ever but my baby is about to wake up and this is the closest thing I can find right now.

If you could have any room redone, tell me which one would it be and what would you like done?

My Bedroom! I mean, I would love to put a ton of money into our bedroom wherever that might be. I always seems to neglect it when in reality, it's probably the most important room. It should be our sanctuary.

Tell me where your favorite stores are to shop for home decor.

Homegoods! I love that store. Also? Hautelook for accesories and costco/sams club for furniture. This might surprise you but every piece of furniture we have from Sams always gets tons of compliments and I've even had people offer me MORE MONEY than we paid for it because they love it that much. But there is just no way I can part with it. Talk about sturdy, well made furniture for a deal.

Show me your dream home {it can be your home, if you already have your dream home}

At first glance I would say something like this....

Traditional Exterior design by Minneapolis General Contractor Stonewood, LLC

BUT, that home doesn't make me feel all warm and cuddly and that's something I would need to feel if it was my dream home. So with that thought, my dream home would be something more like this..

It's not the entire home but you get the idea. Warm AND cuddly. BAM

So those are my answers. Thoughts?

One more thing, if you are a From Mrs To Mama reader (which you SHOULD be) check out her guest post here that she wrote while I was on my bloggy maternity leave. It's her advice for a new mama.


  1. Wow if we could all have the house of our dreams right? I found your blog on Top Mommy Blogs and I nominated you for a sunshine award, you can check it out here:


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