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It's been a while since I've done a style crush or decor post. I guess I've had other things on my mind ;) But lately, I have been giving some more thought to our home decor. We moved into our house about 6 months ago. Before we moved in, I had all these plans of how I would organize every room, paint, decorate, and so on. However, THE DAY AFTER we moved in, I found out I was pregnant with baby #2. We were definitely planning to extend our family but just a few weeks prior we decided to hold off until I was unpacked and felt a little settled in the new home. TOO LATE! Since I was preggo, I couldn't do as much heavy lifting and I was exhausted. So exhausted that I would literally pray for Cruze to sleep longer so that I could too. Don't laugh. It often worked.
Needless to say, we didn't accomplish everything we wanted to in our new home. We've done a lot. But not as much as we thought we would. And then of course there are the expenses that come with pregnancy and adding a new babe to the mix. Still living off of one income, let's just say it comes with some challenges limitations. I've never been one to mind limitations when it comes to spending money. In fact, I crave a budget. It's like a little game for me. I love it. So I thought I'd share some of the ways I save a little bit of money around here while slowlyyyy putting our new home together.
This is also a tiny glimpse into our home. I need to take the time to take more pictures but for now, these iphone pics will have to do...
Oh, let me tell you, I have so much love for this store. And if you haven't been in to a JCPenny in a while, go. It's changed a lot, you might just be surprised. They have some really great home items and they ALWAYS always go on sale. I'm signed up for their text messages and emails. I also get coupons in the mail. Sometimes I get a different type of coupon from each of these avenues so I can pick which one best fits my purchase. Or break up my purchases to use as many as possible.
Also, if you sign up for their rewards program (I did this in the store), you get points for every dollar you spend. Spend $100 and get a free $10 gift card. It may not seem like a lot but hey, free is free.
A few months ago I bought this clock. I LOVE this clock. It's just what I was looking for to go in this little space. Original price was $80 or $85. Every week it was marked down more and more until it was eventually about $9. I used a coupon and viola! FIVE DOLLARS. And have I mentioned that I love it?
I've also seen some really nice lamps and other lighting fixtures for an amazing price. I have to restrain myself sometimes. Afterall, I wouldn't be saving money if I'm buying something I don't actually need. (You're welcome, Phillip)
I never thought I would be one to purchase furniture online but I have been converted friends. All thanks to It started like this... I started looking around for a dresser for our bedroom. I knew the style I wanted and found several great options. But they were all out of my price range, sadly. I still needed furniture so one day I broke down and started scanning overstock. I love that you can read what the furniture is made out of and tons of reviews.
I payed the extra money to sign up for their oclub. This means that for every purchase, I get at least 5% back for a future order. For many orders you can get 10% or more back. On my first purchase, I made enough back to pay for the membership and then some. I also browsed the web for coupons and now, just wait for a good enough coupon to come to my inbox if I need to order anything.
My kitchen set is from overstock (I'll update with a better photo tonight). I paid around $330. For real wood and four chairs. And I'm really happy with it. I paid a little extra on top of that price for the 5 year protection plan. I really thinks it's worth it, especially with kids.
If you can't tell, it's a medium to dark toned wood with simple lines. The chairs are more of an industrial look. You can ignore the arrow. I took this pic off instagram, showing my new light fixture ;)

^^^ also from overstock ^^^

It isn't really much of a secret that costco has great deals. But a lot of people don't think to look there for decor. They bring in some AMAZING furniture, lighting, flooring (!), rugs and so on.
This light fixture was $80 and gets tons of compliments. I bought two. One for my bedroom and one for the entry way.

Marshalls - TJMaxx - HomeGoods
Yes, yes and yes. I get most of my sheets and towels from these stores. They also have great frames, mirrors and rugs. I lust over the furniture at HomeGoods often. Even though their prices are marked down, it's still a bit too much for me. So I check in often for further mark downs. And that's when I make my move ;)
Accessorise with Ikea and West Elm
I know there are mixed opinions when it comes to ikea furniture. They aren't high end peices by any means, but the cost justifies this. And you might be surprised at the quality of some of their items. But for the sake of this post, I am referring to Ikea and West Elm for their accessories.
Ikea - picture frames, lighting
Because of the prices of their frames, you can make a BIG impact on a tighter budget. Have you looked around for picture frames? It can get pretty expensive. And really, if the lines are simple, no one ever stops to check the quality of the frames. It's what's framed that gets the attention - and rightly so. Make a statement with a gallery wall like the ones below. Fill the frames with people, places and things you love.
When we finally do ours, I will be adding pictures from our months in Bolivia, family and maybe places I would one day like to visit. For my office, I'm hoping to frame a few pages from fashion magazines and some amazing art/print from talented ladies I've found through Instagram.
Gathered Gallery Wall

I'm in love with the industrial look these days. This floor lamp pictured below is $69.99 at Ikea.
West Elm - lighting and such
This cluster glass pendant below is on sale right now for $159.
Cute details
add some life with this cute planter
The prices at West Elm are a bit higher than the ones at ikea but I've found that, adding some drama and spending just a little more on that one item, makes everything else look better. It's kind of like, when a woman walks in the room looking put together with a Louis Vuitton on her wrist, you almost assume everything is just as high quality. Even if her shoes are from payless. As long as they're clean and attractive, the mind just thinks everything she's wearing is top notch. Does that make sense? Haha, well it does to me ;)

I'm sure there are other great money saving tips out there. If you have any, please share. I'll take all the inspiration I can get!

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