Monday, January 13, 2014

Natural Beauty Faves | January

I personally love reading about which beauty products are working for other girls (or women) so I thought I'd put together my own little list of my favorite products. Everything that I'm loving this month falls under natural beauty so I went with that theme. I prefer things as natural as possible so when I find something that actually works, I like to share it with others.

In an effort to simplify my makeup routine I realized that I should really be focusing more on the condition of my skin so I don't need foundation in order to look human. In the past, I've been guilty of buying tons of products and going crazy only to have a massive reaction and due to the multitude of new things I was using, I wouldn't know what the culprit was. This would of course lead to me throwing in the towel and forgetting all about my skin.

This time I have decided to use only one new product at a time - giving each one at least a week on it's own to see how I'm really reacting to it. So far, so good! Here is my list of faves...

Natural Beauty Faves


1// The Clarisonic Mia 2. I've been waiting to make up my mind on this one. Mostly because I was nervous about the purging stage so many people talk about and also because I didn't want to get too excited over something that might not really work. A few weeks in? I can say that I am really happy with it so far. I only use it 2-3 times a week and I really don't think I need it more than that. One complaint I have is that I wish it came with a delicate brush because the one I have seems a little bit rougher than necessary.
2//  Wooden Brush from Earth Therapeutics. I am in LOVE with this brush. I feel like it's not damaging my hair the way other brushes do, it feels amazing on my scalp and it's a great price! I'm also hopeful that the head massage will help my hair grow faster.
3// Are you ready for me to change your life? Dr. Woods Shea Vision Black Soap. This is a multipurpose soap that can even be used for washing dishes etc. I'm just using it as a face wash and body wash right now. It is doing wonders for my skin. It just appears to be clearer, smoother and bonus... my hyperpigmentation has been fading. You guys. I've only been using this for 5 days but I am confident, it's working
4// Sweet Almond Oil. I use this for everything right now. Eye makeup remover that actually works, a moisturizer that surprisingly doesn't break me out and as a belly oil. I've also switched over from putting lotion on Cruze to using this. His skin loves it. Phillip has even used it on his face in place of shaving cream and it makes his skin super soft.
5// Castor Oil. I have read about the benefits of castor oil for hair growth and I've been putting it to the test. I'll have to comment more on this in a few months but so far, I really think it's working. Plus it makes my hair super soft ( I use it on my roots and spread it throughout my hair, let it sit overnight, then wash out in the morning - twice a week)

All of these products were purchased from (referral link) except for the Clarisonic Mia 2. I purchase most of my supplements from them and now, most of my skincare products as well. They have AMAZING prices and shipping is quick. I'm including my referral link because it gives both of us $10 off our next order if you sign up through it. Win and win!

What beauty products are you loving? I'm always up for hearing about something new ;)


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