Friday, September 19, 2014

Caleb Monthly | 7 Months

Oh Caleb boy, where do I start? I guess I need to start off with how I'm truly feeling. My heart is so incredibly full now that I have my two boys. I'm tired. Oh am I tired, but my heart has never felt so happy. At the same time, the mommy guilt I'm experiencing these days is intense. I can't help but feel like I am always slacking in at least one area. And when it's at my children's expense, It hurts extra hard.
It's been hard balancing it all. Being a mom to two tiny people while also running a business with no baby sitter or help from family. The months have passed so quickly and the monthly updates have well... haven't happened. My love for this boy is crazy. Yet, my lack of documenting it all makes me wonder if maybe one day he will look back and get the wrong idea. And I know for a fact that I will look back and wish I wrote down every single detail because these moments? They're precious and they're fleeting. So I am making it my goal to put all of the other things on pause several times throughout the day  and week to make sure of the more important things.  

He loves this little sheep. While he doesn't actually use it for the intended purpose (to help him sleep) he LOVES to roll around with it and squeeze it tight.

Babies in overalls... gah!

It took some convincing but at around 4 months old we were able to convert him into a binky lover. It helps at night. Trust me.


The Stats
Diapers: size 4 for disposable and bumgenius one size for cloth
Clothes: 6-12 months
Weight: 18ish pounds

Favorite Things: Two words. Sakura and bloom. BEST THING EVER! I've tried other baby wearing methods but this one is our absolute favorite. Also, he just loves watching Cruze play and will just stare and laugh for up to 15 minutes straight.

New things: getting ready to crawl. I guess you could say he's scooting? Sitting up by himself for longer periods. And.... formula. It's been about a week and a half of no nursing. I'll have to share my feelings about that in a separate post though...

Sleep: It hasn't been easy in this department but we are finally getting somewhere. He now sleeps from 8:30pm to about 6:30 or 7:30am. It's pretty awesome :)

It's been a pretty good month and while I wish I could slow time down just a tad, I can't wait to see this sweet boy of mine grow...


  1. Those overalls are to die for! I can't believe he is already 7 month old! Are you sure that's right? lol You're juggling a lot mama and you're doing a great job!

    1. I know right?! Too fast. Too too fast. It kinda breaks my heart and makes me happy all at the same time. I love having babies, I'm so not ready to let go of this stage of my life. And thank you for your words. It's been something else keeping it all together. Some days are extra hard but I'm loving it all and looking forward to where this journey takes us :)

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